Spray Bed Liners and Coatings

Spray Coatings - Polyurethane, Polyurea Hybrids

The 3rd dimension counts! Thicker is better – the height of our spray on bed liners beats all national branded or generic polyurea and/or polyhybrid. As a Spray-Lining Dealer we provide a lifetime warranty and unconditional on truck beds. No warranty comes close to the Spray-Lining manufacturer backed, lifetime, unconditional warranty. Not Rhinolinings, Line-x, Scorpion, UltimateLinings or any other Spray Bedliner vendor. Ours transfers with the asset for it’s lifetime. The Spray-Lining manufacturer backed warranty covers trailers, flatbeds, boats, real estate, and most other assets from corrosion, decay, and wear and tear. Not only physical protection, but piece of mind as well. Get the best spray bedliner warranty.

Our Spray-Lining recommendation from Chicago!

A Spray-Lining Testimonial from Al Piemonte Ford a leading provider of commercial trucks and fleet vehicles for sale in the Chicago. I am Todd O' Reilley, manager of Al Piedmonte Ford. Before researching Spray-Lining and Coatings we sent bedliner jobs to several polyurea applicators calling themselves, “bedliner dealers”. I learned from Tri County Truck Accessories and Line-X of Bartlett that several branded dealers of truck bed liners and coatings get product, equipment via Spray-Lining. I called them and spoke with Ben Dexter Spray-Lining. Ben clarified the following:
Dealers of ArmorThane, Vortex Spray Liners, Reflex by Langeman as well as Rhino Linings and franchised Line-X dealers use Polyurea via Spray-Lining. Ben directed me to a Ziebart dealer who, “jumped ship” using Spray-lining.
Now I get it; spray-on truck bed liner applicators, whether they’re considered “dealers” or franchisees who jump ship to Spray-Lining and Coatings state this issue: Paying more for a brand name cannot be amortized within any reasonable time. Other services superseded via Spray-Lining are truly experienced customer service, product quality and pricing that’s consistent, and an actual warranty from them as the liable manufacturer, not just the applicators.
These “branded” bed liner names are not bad companies. Retaining clientele by branding is a respected tactic. But at the end of the day by competing fairly, Spray-Lining provides equal or better polyurea at lower prices without restrictions. Ben got more than my vote. Ben Dexter’s crew handles larger jobs than any bed liner dealer Al Piedmonte Ford ever hired. Now we understand that as long as the ratio and main characteristics are equal it'll spray through any similar equipment. That means better, thicker coating at lower cost; simple. "Dealership" contracts prevent using competing products. Since Franchises are highly controlling their dealers are unlikely to try. Dexter showed me these contracts of other bedliner vendors. They void equipment warranty or terminate services if any other product is used.
Ergo if you’re a dealer or applicator or even under an agreement like a franchise, if you studied legality of your contract you'll find it unconstitutional with several valid ways to circumvent it. But for now we’ll stick with the real deal, Spray-Lining.


Our product is nothing like many other OEM materials you find through other application companies. Our Spray-lining™ Floor Coating is not a paint that will flake and peel; it is a commercial grade, synthetic, two-part coating system. More durable than solvent and non-solvent based epoxies it meets ASTM industrial Standards.

Cost Effective - Superior

Our commercial-grade floor coating for home or business is the right choice for your professional installation needs. It reists:
  • acidic and hydrochloric chemicals
  • abrasions
  • impacts

Fire Proofing - Spray Fire Prevention

Lining and Coatings is a leader in providing total professional fireproofing services at residential, commercial, industrial and marine sites. You can trust us to deliver a secure barrier that prevents the fire from starting or spreading.Protecting lives and investments as well as providing safety and peace of mind.


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